En el siguiente vídeo se encuentra la Resolución del Secretario General de la FSM George Mavrikos sobre la pandemia del Coronavirus

Dear men and women colleagues,

We live in a period of Pandemic, where the Coronavirus is spreading to the four corners of the world.

On behalf of the World Federation of Trade Unions, we want to congratulate the workers all over the world, because through their work they provide all goods for the survival of the Peoples. The workers are those who produce food, medicine, services, machines, transport, communication and everything. They deserve our warm “well done”.

We also congratulate all workers at Health sectors, who give a heroic struggle to treat the patients, at the risk of their own life.

This is the one side of the river, the ones who stand out for their humanitarianism, solidarity, social offer.

On the opposite side of the river, we see the filth, exploitation, thirst for capitalist profits. The monopolies, the international bourgeoisie are showing their true face. Speculation. Profits soaked with the blood and suffering of the ordinary people.

In Athens ten days ago, a simple face mask was sold at 1 euro and today it is sold at 10 euros.

In Turkey five days ago, a kilo of pasta was sold at one Turkish Lira and now it is sold at 12 Turkish Lira.

In Bangladesh ten days ago, a simple mask was sold at 20 Taka and now it is sold at 150 Taka.

In Madrid five days ago, a mask was sold at 2,5 euros and today it is sold at 25 euros.

In Africa, in Nigeria, the disinfectant liquid from 2 dollars, today it is sold at 8 dollars.

Off course, excessive prices and speculation also apply to meat, rice and all basic food products.

The multinationals utilize the Pandemic in order to lay off workers or cut their labor rights.

Dear fellow workers, unemployed and pensioners,

We call upon all trade unions to reveal and inform workers on the speculation strategy of the monopolies.

To demand necessary measures for the protection of the ordinary people to be taken by the governments and all competent parties.

We must demand immediate measures of social protection. Defense of our working and salary rights.

Only through our resistance and struggle we can defend our rights.

The big militant family of WFTU, which this year is celebrating 75 years of life and rich action, is present once more, at the forefront and until the final victory!

We wish all the best for you and for your People.

Publicado el 16 de marzo 2020 en http://www.wftucentral.org/